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What is a CRM?

Client (or Constituent) Relationship Management (CRM) software keeps track of every piece of data about your contacts, events, fundraising, members, mass email campaigns, and much more.

There are many CRMs on the market today with a wide range of capabilities and price tags.  In order to provide you with the highest quality and the lowest price, we have selected a widely supported open-source CRM platform to optionally integrate with the CMS websites we create for you.

Designed specifically for membership-driven organizations, the CRM we provide is a powerful and full-featured database that integrates with your website to help you collect and manage a variety of information about your clients, members, donors, or constituents.  It is accessible from any web-enabled device via a secure login page and it can help you collaborate with your employees and communicate with your clients with ease.

We have several experts on staff who understand this platform inside and out and can help customize it to meet your organization’s needs.  We also offer training to help you get the most out of the robust feature set offered with this CRM.

How can a CRM help me?

Organize an Active Database of Contacts

  • Record all of the contact information for the people your organization works with, by individual, organization or member.
  • Schedule and track your interactions, such as meetings, phone calls and email. Track member involvement, such as contributions, committee membership and event attendance.
  • Organize your contacts into groups, or use free-form tagging, for painless reporting, tracking and communication.

Schedule & Manage a Full Calendar of Events

  • Promote each of your events with a custom web page including event information and location mapping.
  • Set varying fees, such as full- or half-day rates, as well as discounts for different membership levels or early registration.
  • Provide convenient online registration and payment.

Make Dues Collection a Breeze

  • Allow your members to easily sign-up, renew and pay dues online. Automated reminders help keep accounts up-to-date.
  • Raise funds with customizable campaign pages. Sell items and services or collect pledges toward a goal.
  • Accept credit card payments with no additional fees and send automated receipts.

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Send Email Blasts & Track Success

  • Easily send mass emails to saved mailing lists, or by creating custom lists for contacts that meet any number of criteria.
  • Save time by creating and reusing email templates for regular communications, such as renewal reminders and thank-yous.
  • Track the real-time success of each email blast with detailed reports on opens, click-throughs, and bounces.

Find What You Need with Powerful Search & Reporting

  • Easily build and run complex searches to get exactly the information you need. Save searches for even faster results.
  • Instantly perform batch actions and updates on just a few, or even thousands of records.
  • Extract custom data sets as CSV files, which can then be imported into other software for reports or accounting.