Ongoing Support


We understand that a website is more than a point-in-time project – it’s an ongoing communication tool between you and your customers which needs long-term hosting and maintenance to keep it fresh and relevant.  We offer a wide range of services to suit all needs and budgets during the hosting and support phase of your website.


If you already have a web hosting service which meets your performance and support needs, we can install your new website on your existing server or we can turn over your new website to you and allow you and your IT team to install your new website on your own.

If you don’t have a web hosting service yet or if you are unhappy with the service of your current provider, we can install your new website on our high performance servers for a very competitive monthly hosting fee (see below for more details on hosting options).

Web Hosting

Not sure what to do about hosting?  Every website has different requirements for hosting – low vs. high visitor traffic, low vs. high bulk email volume, static content vs. dynamic or streaming content, etc. 

We can assess your hosting requirements and help you figure out which of our monthly hosting packages will suit your needs.

Software Maintenance

It’s common practice to purchase a website from a professional development firm and then become responsible for all CMS and CRM updates going forward.  This includes things such as upgrades, security patches, and bug fixes to the CMS and CRM software. 

The trouble is, these updates, patches, and fixes often get ignored and you can quickly find yourself in a dangerous position – your website and database software platform will be out of date, will likely have security holes that could allow for attacks, and may exhibit unusual behavior because of missing bug fixes.

We offer software maintenance packages to keep you running smoothly with the latest upgrades, bug fixes, and security patches to your platform.

Website Maintenance

The information you present on your website will inevitably need updates over time.  Maybe your updates will be few and far between, or maybe they will be many and often.  When you host with us you can choose to make your website content changes on your own or use our Website Maintenance services to make them for you.  If you choose to do it yourself we can provide training on how to update your own website, and you can call us for help if you ever get tired of doing it yourself. 

If you want us to make the changes for you we can put you on a monthly Website Maintenance plan so you can submit your changes any time you like and we will take care of them without any extra invoicing, or without a monthly Website Maintenance plan you can come to us any time for a custom quote on your change request.