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websites for everyone

Websites for Everyone

We build websites of all shapes and sizes, including systems that scale to support tens of thousands of simultaneous users. We are committed to building websites that meet the needs of both our clients and their end users. We place great emphasis on usability, ensuring that once implemented, our systems can be managed by anyone, regardless of their experience.

We start with popular, open-source platforms and build robust, highly-usable and full-featured systems that give our clients complete management of their web content and contact relationships.  We use standards-compliant CSS and design for cross-browser compatibility, whether Mac or PC.

We also develop with search engines in mind—all of our pages are SEO-ready and our systems will not hinder your ability to be found.

What is a CMS?

Ever need to make a “quick” change to your website? Five phone calls to your web designer, two weeks and a couple hundred dollars later, it’s finally done.  A CMS changes all of that.

Traditional web development puts a wall between you and the upkeep of your website. Not only is this frustrating for you, as you wait days for a small change, it is also difficult for web vendors to respond in a timely manner to the many requests they receive each day. (Trust us, we know.)

As an expert in your field, it’s vital that you have the ability to respond to your market as quickly as possible—and your website is your first line of communication. Our goal is to give you the control you need and increase the effectiveness of your website while we’re at it!

cms key

Managing your website with a CMS puts the control back in your hands. Even with no web design experience, you or your staff can easily maintain, create, and change the information on your site.

Our process for CMS web development lets you and your customers get the most out of your website by providing a simpler, more consistent, and more enjoyable user experience. This translates into savings in support costs, as well as happier and more loyal customers.

Even if you choose not to maintain your web page content going forward, your cost of website maintenance is still lower with a CMS-driven website because maintenance firms charge lower fees to perform content updates on this type of website vs. a traditional design which requires more significant technical expertise and more labor hours to accomplish simple updates.